All right, you dirty-minded folks. I’m ashamed of you. Yes, there’s a new sausage trailer in town. Yes, it’s headed up by the drummer of Oliver Future, a band whose members are all dudes. So, yes, you might even call it a sausage fest. Well, unlike all you heathens, I’m not going to make those cheap jokes. I’m taking the high road.    In this case, strangely enough, that road leads back to Old School BBQ and Grill. Revisit with me, if you will, the decadent brisket, juicy steak burger, and crisp hand-cut fries. Pretty hard to beat. I hinted a few weeks ago that co-owner Dan Parrott used to work as a conceptual consultant in L.A., but what I didn’t tell you is that his creativity there, in the form of gourmet brat eatery Wurstküche, inspired the owners of Wurst Tex here. The trailer features specialty brats (nine of ’em—that’s five more than the timeless Best Wurst stand offers), four kinds of mustard, and the addicting sweet-spicy curry ketchup. My favorite was the Buckwurst, a classic venison and pork with a new twist: peppers and cheddar. The smoky meat met its match in the melty cheese and the lightly grilled, ambrosial hoagie roll. I topped mine with a fine mild sauerkraut, but between the three add-ons, kraut, crisp grilled onions, and bell and jalapeño peppers, the grilled peppers popped the most. But nothing pops more than the hiss and jangle of a rattlesnake’s tail (except maybe your pulse when you hear that signature rattling). Wurst Tex has a brat for that. Better than surf and turf, it’s the Predator and Prey—rattlesnake and rabbit with jalapeño. Lean but still juicy, this one resembled a chicken sausage at its finest. If you’re not into all that meat (see above regarding inappropriate jokes I will not make here), never fear. There are two vegan sausages with your name on them. The 04 Delight, with Yukon potatoes, apples, and sage, tasted surprisingly beefy, if a little bland. The Delight promised ginger, but none was to be found. Paired with the grilled hoagie roll, whole-grain Dijon, and curry ketchup, it was a treat nonetheless. Let’s see. Distinctive fire-engine-red trailer. Trendy SoCo location. And grilled sausages that beat the pants off anything you’ve ever had. I’m predicting a future blog post here, saying simply: All roads lead back to Wurst Tex. Posted by Megan Giller