You may have heard it’s National Brisket Day, to which we say: this is Texas: every day is National Brisket Day.

And from here on out, every day at, you’re likely to find something new from Texas Monthly Barbecue Editor Daniel Vaughn. Today he’s got a new review of Lockhart’s legendary Smitty’s, which is infamously absent from the new Top 50.

“Our Top 50 list isn’t a hall of fame vote. It was about what Smitty’s was cooking now, and on this day (and on several repeat visits) it wasn’t worthy,” Vaughn writes. 

The nation’s only BBQ editor was also featured on NBC Nightly News Sunday. Kevin Tibbles’ story goes so far as to call Vaughn “the nation’s only BBQ reviewer,” an exaggeration even we wouldn’t endorse. But we’ll still take it. Watch the two men tear into some meat (no utensils, of course):

The NBC segment got one truly odd response on Twitter, as someone attempted second-guess Ohio native Vaughn’s Texas BBQ credentials (go ahead, take your best shot) with a, shall we say, Yankeeish take on “fatty” brisket.