For those who have ever craved an inside look at the culinary creativity of the Uchi and Uchiko kitchens, you now have your chance. The team is hosting a virtual Google Hangout on the Zagat Google+ page today at 2 p.m. Google Hangouts are a facet of Google+ and designed to virtually transport viewers to interact with influential figures and personalities, such as President Obama – who recently hosted a Google Hangout. Tyson Cole of Uchi says the Google and Zagat team approached him and asked if he would consider hosting a Google Hangout, given Uchi’s and Uchiko’s profound national media attention over recent years. Cole naturally obliged. Although foreign to the dynamics and workings of Google Hangout, Cole says he was honored to invite viewers into the kitchen to see how Uchi/Uchiko orchestrates their tastings. “We decided to [do the taping] from an outsider’s view looking inside the kitchen,” he says. “We’ll be doing tastings to review some new dishes. Viewers will be able to see what we’re working on.” Cole plans on presenting three or four dishes and answering questions from the virtual audience during the Hangout. For those hoping to get a glimpse at Top Chef Paul Qui, don’t get your hopes up. He won’t be hangin’ out. “Paul doesn’t work at Uchiko anymore,” Cole says. “He is still a part of our team, but Paul is on his way to opening his own restaurant. That’s the next natural progression.” Looking to the horizon, Cole says he envisions opening another Uchi in the near future. Just where that Uchi will be hasn’t been decided upon yet. Cole mentioned the possibility of another Houston location, Dallas, or somewhere out of state, such as Denver or Portland. “That’s all months away,” Cole says. The Google Hangout video will also be shared on Zagat’s YouTube Channel. To try and get invitation to the Hangout, visit Zagat’s Google+ page and comment on this post. Also, visit Zagat’s Google+ page today to try and grab one of the available spots.