Rumor has it that temperatures are going to drop rather drastically tomorrow. While most of us Texans enjoyed a spring-like Sunday, now we’re going to have to face the bleak fact that we are, indeed, still in the middle of winter. Who knew? A native Texan, I’m a fan of our faux-winters. I have fond memories of wearing shorts on Christmas day, and (once) seeing snow on Easter. Granted, I don’t quite know what it’s like to shovel snow; but then again, non-Texans don’t know what it’s like to have no weather-related out for yard work this time of year. “Honey, I’d love to go out and clean up the backyard, but it’s covered in four feet of snow!” is not something most Texans south of the panhandle have had the chance to say. In any case, whenever temperatures drop below forty, I know what to do. Crank up the heat, build a fire, curl up in eight layers of warm clothes (plus a blanket), and crank up the oven. Because wherever you live, one thing’s for sure: Cold weather is the very best excuse for hot comfort food. Warm up from the inside out with one of my favorite comfort food recipes. Take a peek, make a mad dash to the market, and then get out the casserole dish or plug in the Crock Pot—and then please, oh please, share your favorite recipes too. And here’s a wintertime tip: a lot of this season’s vegetables are easy to sneak into casseroles, soups, and dinner pies. Try broccoli, cauliflower, and mushrooms in macaroni; leafy greens like chard and spinach in lasagna; baked or mashed root veggies like potatoes, parsnips, kohlrabi, and turnips in shepherd’s pie or with pot roast; and sneak in carrot-hued butternut squash or sweet potatoes into chicken pot pie. • Homemade Dijon Macaroni and Cheese (with broccoli)Shepherd’s PieChicken Pot Pie* • Pot Roast *Here’s my favorite no-fail super-flaky pie crust recipe, in case you’re interested. Posted by Amber Byfield.