I’m having whip-lash over my attitude toward The Flavor Bible, the new book that everybody’s talking about from Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg (Little, Brown, pub.; $35 new).  I love the chefs’ commentary (includes pithy remarks from two Texans–Sharon Hage of York Street in Dallas, and Monica Pope of T’afia in Houston). I love the pictures. I hate, hate, the lists, I mean, sometimes there’s nothing for three pages in a row except THOSE DAMN LISTS.  Did they just have some robot crawl the internet and scoop up stuff randomly from recipes? There’s little or no intelligence applied to them, in contrast to the great commentary from the chefs (like Monica Pope on the fabulous dish she makes with Medjool dates, maple mascarpone, orange blossom water, and a topping of crumbled pistachios. Ohmigod). What do you all think?