The April issue of Food & Wine has a feature on Hill Country barbecue and wine. Ok–so they really focused more on the wine. And they were surprisingly positive about it. By and large, I think they gave proper credit to those vineyards that are making great strides in their national standing. Particularly Alamosa Vineyards with their bold and hearty Tempranillo blend, El Guapo and the fruity Jacques Lapin (Chenin Blanc). Fall Creek’s Meritus Cabernet blend also got a well deserved nod. 

As for ‘cue, it’s sad to say that they dispelled a Texas legend in Llano at Cooper’s Barbecue. For those that have been there recently, the hard truth is difficult to refute: Cooper’s no longer makes good barbecue. Once in the top five of Texas barbecue, sadly, it’s a smoke pit that has fallen short of its hype. And now it’s out there in black and white for all foodies to see–at least the Food & Wine demographic anyway. Personally, I never felt like I “got it” when visiting there over the past few years. The meats are always fatty and the sides are bland and boring. Sorry to say it Cooper’s, but your days as a Texas legend are drifting along with the tumbling tumble weeds.