One of the most fun things I did last year was go eat at a farm, in the middle of a field near Brenham (that’s Central Texas), after riding to the top of said hill sitting on a hay bale. The dinner, attended by several hundred (well, or so it seemed), was cooked by about five of Houston’s top chefs (including Bryan Caswell, of Reef and Stella Sola, who has just been nominated for a James Beard award this year). And it was fabulous! Every tiny little thing was as good as it would have been in a sit-down restaurant, but there we were, at the top of the world (well, on that hill I mentioned), looking out over the countryside, sweating (yes, it was hot) and loving every minute. Outstanding in the Field is a venture with a good and tasty purpose. Their stated mission is to “re-connect diners to the land and the origins of their food, and to honor the local farmers and food artisans who cultivate it.” They travel around the country throwing outdoor dinner parties; they call themselves a restaurant without walls. As you might imagine, given the logistics, the dinners are not cheap. Seems like we paid around $75, maybe a bit more, for the one I attended. Might be more this year, probably will be. Anyway, tickets go on sale on their web site on March 27. Check it out. (Photo by Elaine Skinner)