For those of us who consider a to-go container cooking at home, the folks at Zagat are looking for your restaurant picks and witticisms. They publish a guide focused on Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio with some surrounding areas. If you submit a survey, they’ll send you a print edition of the Texas guide.

I have no idea how they verify the reviews, but I’m all for giving the people a chance to tell it how it is. Forget what the food snobs say, give the Hoffbrau a great score for decor if you want or tell ’em how you feel about pork belly on EVERYBODY’S menu these days.

As there is a $100 for reviews deemed “witty” get creative.

Tyson Cole is an artist;
Super toro is his canvas.
In his hands tofu’s transformed;
too bad the wait makes us forlorn.

Or not.