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The Lights of Texas Bringing Light Around the World

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Living in Texas, we tend to take light for granted. For most of us, it’s available at the touch of a button on our mobile phones or at the flip of a switch when we arrive home. Our uninterrupted access to light  allows us to watch the Texans and Astros play late into the night, host crawfish boils and BBQs throughout the spring and most importantly it provides our families with a safe and comfortable environment. Much of the world doesn’t have the same luxury.


In fact, 1.5 billion people around the world don’t have access to dependable, safe, and affordable sources of light. When the sun sets, businesses, health clinics and schools in developing  countries close. House hold chores come to a halt. Students, families, businesses, and health clinics are left without electricity and the means to improve their futures through business or generate additional income to support their families. To fight the darkness, many individuals turn to kerosene – an expensive, toxic and flammable chemical to light their homes throughout the night.

In order to help provide a safe and reliable light source to those in need Direct Energy has partnered with MPOWERD. As of February of 2017, Direct Energy has donated nearly 18,000 of these lights to 25 different non-profit organizations including Kids of Kathmandu, the Abundant Life Foundation and A New Course in Guatemala. MPOWERD  was founded on a sustainable business model and is the creator of the Luci light —  a low cost, inflatable solar powered light aimed at offering an affordable, clean energy alternative to those here in Texas and abroad.

Easily portable, compact, and effortlessly powered up for 12 hours on a single charge, the Luci light is providing families across the developing world with energy independence, which is empowering  individuals at all levels of the community. Young children can now walk home safely, entrepreneurs and small business owners can work late into the night and families can enjoy time together as they accomplish their chores after dusk.

“Our partnership with MPOWERD is one that we’re very proud of not only because of its impact, but because it’s unique in the energy industry,” said Jayesh Shah, Direct Energy’s Commercial Director for Texas. “We want Texans who are interested in making a difference to choose Direct Energy and together empower communities and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Last spring, the Direct Energy team partnered with the non-profit Kids of Kathmandu to help distribute Luci lights as a surprise to the children of Kavre. On the team’s drive through mountain switch backs and bumpy roads they were able to distribute Luci lights to appreciative families and children along the way. When the team arrived in Kathmandu, the village welcomed them with open arms and ceremonial dances. As the day turned to night, the team surprised the children with lit Luci lights brightly shining on each of their desks along with an array of school supplies.

The kids loved their lights, clicking them on and off throughout the event and roaring with enthusiasm and laughter as they received them. As the night came to a close, the team was able to see the children and their families disperse into mountains and use their Luci lights to guide them home.  As the team packed up the following morning, said good byes to their new friends, and road back down the mountain side – they continued to see Luci lights dotting the roadsides of the other villages they had passed through, proving that when you come together, you can empower individuals through a bright idea.

Join Direct Energy in making an impact by signing up for their Give Brighter 12 plan. When you sign up for this 12-month fixed-rate electricity plan, Direct Energy will deliver a Luci light to someone without access to regular electricity so they have the light they need. And you’ll get one, too!

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