Planning to host a barbecue for your friends? Save it for the weekend. Look for an energy plan that offers free weekends so that you can power your Texas home, with no added supply charges, and enjoy that sizzling barbecue. With free electricity supply on the weekends, you can take care of high energy tasks, and save on your electricity costs. That’s another reason to love the weekends!


With Direct Energy, you can get free electricity every weekend from 6 p.m. on Fridays to 11:59 p.m.* on Sundays. There are many activities you can do with all that free energy – host a party, finish laundry, or binge watch your favorite shows.

Let’s do some math:

  • 6 p.m. Friday to 11:59 p.m. Sunday = 54 hours
  • One year = 52 weeks
  • 54 x 52 = 2,808 hours
  • 2,808 / 24 hours in a day = 177 days of free power per year!

You can enjoy free electricity for nearly one-third of a year, and during the rest of the year, you’ll be on a competitive fixed-rate which gives you the ability to budget more effectively.

There are hundreds of things you can do with all that free energy. And hundreds of ways to spend your savings. Customers who are willing and able to move some of their high energy consumption activities to the weekend have the greatest potential to see real savings, compared to what it would cost to do those activities during the rest of the week.

Be creative on the weekends and save energy by getting the kids involved in a scavenger hunt, obstacle course, outdoor picnic, or a cook-off with energy-efficient recipes from Direct Energy! Feeling adventurous on a summer evening? Set up a tent in the backyard and get the kids engaged with some board games or fun stories.

More weekend energy savings tips?

  • Wash your clothes on cold at night
  • Run the dishwasher at night
  • Set your thermostat to 78°F at night
  • Grill outside in the evening
  • Turn off electronic devices when not in use

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*Offer valid for new residential customers in Texas only. Provisioned smart meter required. Certain eligibility requirements, fees, taxes, terms and conditions apply. Cancellation fees may apply.