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2017 Austin Ice Cream Festival

August 12, 2017 — Austin, TX

2017 Austin Ice Cream Festival

Saturday, August 12  11am-10pm  at Fiesta Gardens

Frozen Treat Yo’Self at the 11th Annual Austin Ice Cream Festival, presented by H-E-B!  On Saturday, August 12 we’re celebrating frosty indulgences and Summer fun. You’ll sample tastes from your favorite local frozen treat makers and try something new! But we’ve got more than just ice cream and frozen treats to offer – we’ll have live music from local Austin artists, climbing wall sponsored by LCRA, a dunk tank, yard games, canoeing and paddle boarding, contests including ice cream making and eating competitions, and popsicle stick sculpture competition, and much more for all ages.  Be sure to stick around till 6pm After Dark for a classic summer movie in the park, plus even more treats and eats! Purchase passes early to guarantee access to upgraded ZIP +plus passes, offering a VIP experience and an Austin Ice Cream Festival branded Yeti Lowball Rambler.

For more information head to austinicecreamfestival.com