Artist Reception | Josh Dodson: Frame of Mind

October 17 - November 18 — Dallas, TX

Josh Dodson
Frame of Mind

Where: Ro2 Art | The Magnolia Theatre Second Floor
3699 S. Mckinney Avenue, Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75215
When: October 17 – November 18, 2019
Artist Reception: Thursday November 7, 6-8 PM

Dallas, October 2019 – Ro2 is proud to present Frame of Mind, a solo exhibition featuring new works by artist Josh Dodson. The show will run from October 17 through November 18, 2019. There will be an artist reception held on Thursday, November 7 from 6-8 PM at Ro2’s The Magnolia Theater gallery located at 3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite 100, Dallas TX 75204.

In his upcoming solo exhibition, ‘Frame of Mind’, artist Josh Dodson explores symmetry, color, and shape through the implementation of techniques rooted in graffiti. Unlike works before, Dodson experiments with wooden structures as a means to liberate the paintings from their surroundings. His geometrical pieces push and pull, creating dynamic forms and highlighting depth and movement throughout the piece.

Artist Statement:
My work demonstrates a playful approach to architecture with colorful patterns deep rooted in graffiti. In this style of work, I explore different ways to use colors and shapes to give the illusion of light and shadows that emphasize the depth of the object. These works are very structure-oriented and are meant to appear sustainable as their own object.

As with graffiti, most of my paintings involve symmetry in some way or another whether it be with shape or certain colors that work to balance the composition as a whole. I want the painting to have a uniform layout that emphasizes each shape in order to show a rigidity in the work. I like to create works in a series of two or three paintings to show the evolution of the painting, each one with its own point of direction. A lot of my work is very geometrical with a varying degree of angles. With my most recent works, I have begun to experiment with wood to create these structures in a sculpture form; in a way that they are not confined to a predetermined number of sides giving them complete independence from their surroundings.

I chose “Frame of Mind” as the title of the exhibition as I feel it is an appropriate description of my evolution as an artist and mindset towards my work and its intention.

About the Artist:
Josh has been creating art in many ways since he was a child, whether through drawing or painting. Throughout his formal years in school he took various art classes taking what he could from each class continuing to try and figure out what his path would be. In 2001 a school mate introduced him to the mysterious and intriguing sub- culture of graffiti. He became obsessed with the science of letter forms and the complex ways of “Wild Style”. Meeting other “writers” from school he quickly began learning the ways of the practice from being a “toy”, a newbie with no skill or style to being able to produce a fresh body of work(tags,throw-ups,burners,etc.) As such, the new way of expressing himself brought the aspect of anonymity. Getting your name up for people to see but still being completely unknown except to the people in the know.
Over the years Josh has studied many different interpretations of artworks including futurism, architecture, modern art, constructivism, minimalism and pure abstract expressionism, while still keeping in check the roots of his current works.
Having a strong structure based subject correlating with drafting and geometry from architecture integrated with bold shapes and correct color compositions from graffiti is very prevalent in his work. Creating juxtapositions of complementary colors to mold these structures have made them seem to have a solid stance while being playful and open. Continuing to expand on these sometimes metamorphic style archetypes is the ultimate goal for him.

About Ro2 Art:
Ro2 Art, a contemporary fine art gallery located in The Cedars Neighborhood near Downtown Dallas, represents a diverse group of emerging, mid-career, and established contemporary artists – many with ties to the North Texas Region. The gallery, founded in 2010 by mother-and-son partners Susan Roth Romans and Jordan Roth, regularly collaborates with organizations such as The MAC and Cedars Union and maintains an exhibition program within the Magnolia Theatre at West Village and other satellite venues. Ro2 Art has been named Dallas Observer’s “Best Art Gallery” and was presented with the 25th Annual Obelisk Award for small business by the North Texas Business Council for the Arts. The gallery’s art fair program has included the Dallas Art Fair, Texas Contemporary, and Art Aspen.

All works will be on view from October 17 through November 18. Please join us for the artist reception on Thursday, November 7 from 6-8 PM at Ro2 Art, located at 3699 McKinney Avenue, Suite 100, Dallas TX 75204. For more information, visit, or call Jordan Roth at (214) 803-9575.


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