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AustOberfest: Austin+Oktoberfest

September 30, 2017 — Austin, TX

On Saturday, September 30th the Austin Saengerrunde will be celebrating it’s 5th Annual AustOberfest – Austin+Oktoberfest with Foodways Texas! Celebrating Central Texas German heritage with all you can eat sausage, bier tasting, contest stage, bowling & live music.

Like last year, this will be a specialty event with the addition of the indoor space of Scholz Garten! New sausage vendors will be added to our list of Central Texas’s best BBQ proveyors! Also, new craft bier sponsors!

Foodways Texas and the Austin Saengerrunde would like this event to focus on our main mission: To preserve Texas foodways, history and the legacy of our vendors!

Ticket Includes: Specialty Glassware, Hat Pin, Unlimited Sausage Tastings, and Drink Tickets. Access will be open in the Garten, Scholz’s, Saengerrunde Halle and Bowling Alley.

PRE-PARTY: Avoid the line and pick up those wristbands early!

Vendors Include: LeRoy and Lewis, Frank , Micklethwait Craft Meats, Southside Market & Barbeque, Louie Mueller Barbecue, Shiner Smokehouse, Miller’s Smokehouse, Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse, Smokey Denmark’s Smoked Meats, Hoover’s Cooking and Scholz Garten.

Music: Our favorite psychedelic polka band in all the land, Grammy Award winning Brave Combo and local favorite the The Motts.