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Bumin Kim: land·scape

May 5, 2018 — Dallas, TX

Ro2 Art is proud to present land·scape, a solo exhibition featuring new works by artist Bumin Kim. The show will run from May 5 through June 2, 2018. There will be an opening reception held Saturday, May 5, from 7-10pm at Ro2 Art located at 1501 S. Ervay Street in Dallas’ Cedars neighborhood.

Known for her mesmerizing thread paintings, Bumin Kim pushes the boundaries of what defines a painting. Her work is especially inspired by elements found in nature, often extracting and simplifying landscapes and organic forms into geometric color fields. She breathes new life into the surface of her paintings, shifting the energy of each piece to exude an unexpected yet irresistible presence.


Originally from Korea, Bumin Kim received her MFA in painting and drawing in 2015 from the University of North Texas in Denton and remains in North Texas as an active member of the contemporary art community. Kim recently received a top award in the Materials:Hard+Soft International Competition and Exhibition, juried by JoAnn Edwards at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center in Denton. In addition to numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout Texas, she has been featured at the Dallas Art Fair and Art Aspen. Her work is included in both public and private collections in Texas and throughout the United States. Bumin lives and works in Dallas, Texas, and is represented by Ro2 Art.

Join us May 5th for Bumin Kim: land·scape!