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*Free* Cool Down Houston Party

July 21, 2018 — Houston

Join us at Levy Park on Saturday, July 21, 2018 from 9am – 12pm for Cool Down Houston, sponsored by Direct Energy & Texas Monthly. Live music by AndyRoo and the Houston Jazz Band Trio, free snow cones, interactive games including a dunk tank (so be prepared to get wet and cool off), cash cube and corn hole, and the opportunity to win free prizes, including a YETI cooler, are guaranteed to keep your mind off the summer heat at this family-friendly event! Breakfast items will be available for purchase. Please RSVP below.

Direct Energy is all about keeping their four million+ customers cool with over 100 days of free power. Learn more about getting free power every weekend plus an Amazon Echo Dot at www.directenergy.com/LevyPark.

Direct Energy's Cool Down Houston - RSVP

Email [email protected]

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