Design Shine

November 20 - January 19 — Austin, TX

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The UMLAUF Sculpture Garden + Museum is excited to have the inaugural Design Shine exhibition of three major installations by three winning teams will open to the public on November 20, 2019. For the first-ever collaboration between the UMLAUF and the American Institute of Architecture, Austin, three teams were chosen from proposals by emerging architects, designers, and landscape architects. Each installation in Design Shine engages light and the natural habitat of the UMLAUF Garden.

While each team brings something unique to their project, all are derived from close observation and interpretation of the UMLAUF grounds and history. You Are Here, designed by Ana Kurzan, Christian Klein, Mari Russ, and Irela Casanova, is an interactive sensory experience based on habitat. For Polaris, Sergey and Stephanie Belov and Scott Saddler will construct a series of familiar, everyday objects in a circular formation as a reflection on the Garden’s topography, water levels, binary code and cosmic alignment. The third installation, Lost Casts, created by Alexandra Krippner and Toni Toscano, draws influence from the history of fly fishing in the pond long before the site became the UMLAUF Garden. Visitors will experience a new version of the UMLAUF space, as these contemporary light-based installations are juxtaposed with Charles Umlauf’s 20th-century bronze sculptures.

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