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Signature Events

Ella Goes to Round Top with Texas Monthly

March 27, 2018 — Austin

Hotel Ella and Texas Monthly guided guests through the 50th Annual Round Top Antiques Fair, a world-renowned occasion that brings the finest antiques to charming Round Top, Texas. The day began with coffee and breakfast pastries on the Hotel Ella veranda, followed by plenty of rosé and luxury transportation to the markets. Guests received special access to the Marburger Farm Antiques Show – where designers go to find rare collectibles and exotic imports – before it opened to the public and enjoyed lunch provided by Goodall’s Kitchen.  After a day full of antiquing, guests had the opportunity to relax under the stars at Rancho Pillow’s Feast in the Field, a whimsical family-style dinner under the stars by NOLA culinary duo Michael Stoltzfus and Kristen Essig of Coquette.


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