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First Response Appreciation Gala

July 15, 2017 — Garland, TX

Rowlett Strong was formed to allow us to continue fundraising for those affected by the 12/26/15 tornado that ravaged Rowlett and North Texas. We have raised over $50,000 through several events to help those displaced by the tornado get back in their homes where they belong.

Now we are announcing our first annual gala, the Rowlett Strong First Response Appreciation Gala. We are inviting representatives from about 35 police and fire departments, plus numerous volunteer organizations that responded in the immediate aftermath of the 12-26-15 tornado that affected a large part of Rowlett. Our goal is to recognize and honor each organization, and present a plaque made from “tornado wood” to each PD and FD. This event is the first step in creating a foundation which will provide grants to families of department members that find themselves in need due to family hardships, injury or death.