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January 23, 2018 — Dallas, TX

Looking to to extend the holiday madness? Out of the remains of 4 OUT OF 5 DOCTORS – Dallas’ longest running comedy group – comes HOLIDAY ON THIN ICE. It’s a show that celebrates the shortest yet most expensive days of the year with comedy sketches, clever quatrains and wacky Carols.

From the Ghost of Docs Past…
These days, the minute Halloween is over, it’s time for even more horror: Black Fridays, zombified shoppers, budget-killing sprees and the most-dreaded… visits from in-laws. So now that your past commercialism with too much crass, come and see a free comedy smash!

Besides the fact that it’s FREE (so the price is right), this is a completely locally-sourced creation – writing, producing, directing and acting all exclusively DFW talent. AND, the reading is in anticipation for full production at Circle Theater in December 2018! Did we mention the reading is absolutely FREE? However, we won’t stop you from donating to help us fund the production… after all, crowd-sourcing is what all the cool kids are doing, right?

Join us at 7:30 p.m. on January 23rd in Dallas!