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Holy Roller Pie Eating Competition

December 12, 2017 — Austin, TX

Because who wouldn’t want to eat pie for a good cause?

Join us on December 12th as we gather with some of Austin’s most influencer food folks to shove pie in our faces to raise money for SAFE. Guest are encouraged to buy raffle tickets that they can use to bet on the chef or personality they think will take the cake… er, pie in this case.

From there, the raffle tickets from the winning chefs’ bucket will be drawn for prizes like custom neon signs from the Neon Jungle’s Evan Voyles, Yeti prize packs and more.. 100% of all raffle ticket proceeds will go to benefit SAFE (the merger of Safe Place and Austin Children’s Shelter) which is an organization that aims to help women and children who have been affected by domestic violence.

Pie and drink specials available for the spectators too.

And the lucky eaters are…

Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue
Tyson Cole of Hai Hospitality (Uchi, Uchiko)
Shane Stiles of Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew
Philip Speer of Bonhomie Austin
Shawn Cirikel of parkside
Nic Yanes of Juniper
Brandon Hunt of Via 313 Pizza
Travis Tober of Nickel City
Laura Sawicki of Launderette Austin
Casey Wilcox of Central Standard
Tako Matsumoto of Kemuri Tatsu-ya
Brandon Watson of CultureMap Austin
Nadia Chaudhury of Eater Austin

Join us on December 12th at Holy Roller!