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Hot Luck Festival

May 24 - May 27

Hot Luck Festival is a live music and food festival in Austin, Texas, brought together by James Beard Award winner Aaron Franklin, Guerilla Suit principal James Moody, and Mike Thelin, co-founder of Feast Portland. Hot Luck is inspired by friendly tailgates, family reunions, get-togethers, and potlucks of our past and present. It is a fun, chef-driven, celebration of fire, food, music, and camaraderie. An a la carte eat-with-your-fingers picnic and party experience that highlights open-pit feats of culinary know-how, and music in your ears that is as thoughtfully created as the food on your plate. Come hungry, thirsty, and bring your dancin’ boots. 


The list of events are as follows:

Thursday, May 24:

Hi, How Are You?: Franklin Barbecue (6 – 9 p.m.)

Friday, May 25:

Night Court: Fair Market (6 – 9 p.m.)

Cisco’s: Cisco’s Bakery and Restaurant (10 p.m. – late)

Saturday, May 26:

Al Fuego: Wild Onion Ranch (6 – 9 p.m.)

The Giddy Up: Weather Up (9 p.m. – late)

Sunday, May 27:

Coupe de Grille: Austin Speed Shop (noon – 3 p.m.)


For the full chef and music lineup and tickets, please visit http://www.HotLuckFest.com.