Loc Huynh | Picture Problems

February 20, 2020 — Dallas, TX

Ro2 is pleased to present Picture Problems, a solo exhibition featuring new works by artist Loc Huynh. The show will run from February 20 through March 19, 2020. There will be an opening reception held on Thursday, February 20 from 6-8:00 PM at Ro2 Art, The Magnolia Theater Second Floor, 3699 S. McKinney Ave, Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75204

In Picture Problems, artist Loc Huynh states that sometimes, an image can capture what words cannot express… other times they fail spectacularly. The paintings in this exhibition celebrate the clumsy and awkward, which exchanges between characters being ungraceful and even painful. Despite the irreverence of the content, these pictures acknowledge shortcomings, and through this, moments of sincerity are revealed.

Artist Statement
The interactions between characters are clumsy and ungraceful, but it is through the acknowledgement of shortcomings, that moments of sincerity reveal themselves.
Flatness and space contribute with creating a dynamic visual element in an otherwise predicated genre painting. The juxtaposition of illusion, garish colors, and hard-edges create a visual tension, with the intent to call attention to the underlying jarring anxiety of the specific circumstances portrayed in these paintings. The arbitrary nature of these formal elements also accentuates the irrationality of human perception and alludes to an alternate reality of sorts, which functions as a fractured mirror version of the tangible world. Although established on particular occurrences, these vignettes are often left open-ended, and somewhat ambiguous, leaving the viewer to fill in the blank for the situations being represented.

About the Artist
My background in illustration helps inform my visual decisions and derive my language from ubiquitous imagery, cartoons and computer graphics. Through exaggeration and abstraction, form and space become abbreviated into something alien, yet familiar. This uncanny quality situates a distance between image and the viewer. This affords these inhabitants of the paintings to be generic enough to be anyone, but specific, and possibly familiar, enough to be somebody. Even when depicting self-portraits, I am not exempted from this process of removal. Humor plays a role in making the work more disarming and accessible, while calling in to focus the trivial quality of the exchanges taking place in the painting.

About Ro2 Art
Ro2 Art, a contemporary fine art gallery located in The Cedars Neighborhood near Downtown Dallas, represents a diverse group of emerging, mid-career, and established contemporary artists – many with ties to the North Texas Region. The gallery, founded in 2010 by mother-and-son partners Susan Roth Romans and Jordan Roth, regularly collaborates with organizations such as The MAC and Cedars Union and maintains an exhibition program within the Magnolia Theatre at West Village and other satellite venues. Ro2 Art has been named Dallas Observer’s “Best Art Gallery” and was presented with the 25th Annual Obelisk Award for small business by the North Texas Business Council for the Arts. The gallery’s art fair program has included the Dallas Art Fair, Texas Contemporary, and Art Aspen.

All works will be on view from February 20th through March 19th. Please join us for the opening reception on Thursday, February 20th from 6-8 PM at Ro2 Art at the Magnolia Theater Second Floor, located at 3699 S. Mckinney Ave, Suite 100 Dallas, TX 75204. For more information, visit, or call Jordan Roth at (214) 803-9575.

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