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Messina Hof Hosts 34th Annual Wine & Roses Festival

April 21, 2018 — Bryan, TX

Located at the Messina Hof estate in Bryan, TX, this one-day festival celebrates the 34th anniversary of the budding of the vines and the blooming of the roses. 3,000 + guests will gather to enjoy wine tasting, local vendors and artisans, pairing classes, the winery’s famous grape stomp competition and more. Admission to the festival is free except for a few events that require tickets which can be pre-purchased or included in specialty packages. A portion of the proceeds from Wine & Roses benefits the Brazos Valley Arts Council.

In addition to wine tasting and live music throughout the day, here’s some more of what to expect at the event:

Grape Stomp Competition – Each heat of teams will compete by filling bottles with the juice that they have stomped. At the end of each 2-minute heat, the winning team with the most juice in their bottle will continue to the next stomping bracket. Teams of 3-4 members can compete | [Registration is $50 per team of 3-4]

Texas Artist Wine Label Competition – The 28th Annual People’s Choice Wine Label Competition is the centerpiece for the Wine & Roses Festival. Each year, Texas artists compete for a chance to be featured on a Messina Hof wine bottle. All proceeds benefit the Arts Council.

Wine & Chocolate Pairing Class – Sign up for one of these decadent classes led by Karen Bonarrigo. Guests will try an assortment of gourmet chocolates while pairing them with Messina Hof’s award-winning wines.

For tickets and more information go to: https://www.cellarpass.com/wine-roses-festival-tickets-2888

Join us April 21st for the Messina Hof Hosts 34th Annual Wine & Roses Festival!