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April 26, 2018 — Austin, TX

Our favorite annual showcase of new Francophone cinema returns April 25-29 for our biggest and most extensive line-up yet. Join us for five days of award-winning work from some of the most exciting new names in global cinema, in partnership with UniFrance, the French Embassy in the United States, and the Premiers Plans Festival d’Angers. The week will feature dialogues with Francophone filmmakers in-person, animations, shorts, music-themed and family programming, and more. AFS members are invited to a members-only champagne opening reception on April 25.​


About the film:

Composer Julie Roué in attendance!

Cannes Film Festival Caméra D’Or Winner. Laetitia Dosch stars as the hot-tempered Julia, a woman at the end of her rope after a bad break up, in this glorious female-centered comedy. After being dumped by her boyfriend and left to wander the streets of her Montparnasse neighborhood with no good options for basic shelter, Julia searches for the seeds of self-reinvention in unlikely places, like the nearest emergency room, the local bodega, and the wanted ads. Having been dependent on her successful photographer boyfriend, Julia realizes it’s time to stand on her own two feet. Directed by first time feature filmmaker Léonor Serraille and made by nearly an all-female creative team.

Join us April 26th for the New French Cinema Week: MONTPARNASSE BIENVENUE!