New French Cinema Week: SHORTS

April 28, 2018 — Austin, TX

Our favorite annual showcase of new Francophone cinema returns April 25-29 for our biggest and most extensive line-up yet. Join us for five days of award-winning work from some of the most exciting new names in global cinema, in partnership with UniFrance, the French Embassy in the United States, and the Premiers Plans Festival d’Angers. The week will feature dialogues with Francophone filmmakers in-person, animations, shorts, music-themed and family programming, and more. AFS members are invited to a members-only champagne opening reception on April 25.​


Shorts include:

Director Karim Massaoui, France/Algeria, 44 minutes, 2014
Grand Jury Prize and Best Actress Award Winner, Premiers Plans Festival d’Angers, 2014
A southern city in Algeria, in the middle of the 1990s. Djaber and Yamina are neighbors, but don’t know each other. Suddenly, the violence that always seemed unreal and very far away breaks out in front of them, interrupting both of their lives and their destinies.

Directors Lise Akoka, Romane Guéret, 2016, France, 29 min
Grand jury prize for Best French Short Film, Premiers Plans Festival of Angers, 2017
Angelique is 13 years old, growing up in a big family in the Paris suburb of Valenciennes. One day at middle school, she’s asked to participate in an audition.

Director Hubert Charuel, 2014, France, 22 minutes
Special Jury Prize for a French Short Film, Premiers Plans Festival of Angers, 2015
Two brothers set out on a road trip for Amsterdam for very different reasons, but find themselves together in a broken down car on the side of the road, the path to each of their bizarre dreams obstructed. Greg is trying to get to his international DJ competition, Valentin to pick up a carload of weed.

Join us April 28th for the New French Cinema Week: SHORTS!

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