OASIS Garden Party: Yoga, Meditation, Music, & Dance Party

June 29, 2019 — Austin, TX

Join us Saturday June, 29 at the magical 1102 East Secret Garden, for an immersive experience combining Meditation, Yoga, Music, Dance, Art, Food, and Spirits.

We are offering two experiences and levels of ticketing. The first includes an intention setting practice: The journey will begin with Lizzie Aguirre offering her celebrated and connective SoulFull Meditation. This will be followed by an all levels yoga class with Lizzie and Swayló. Gioconda Parker will close this experience with a Dream Circle to set intentions and manifest our visions & dreams.

After Mediation and Yoga we invite our second group of attendees to join the first to celebrate the summer vibes in the beautiful garden. Enjoy delicious Acai with Blenders & Bowls. refreshing elixirs, GTS Kombucha, and Guayakí Yerba Mate! We provide you with an open bar sharing spirits including GEM&BOLT Mezcal, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Nine Banded Whiskey, Austin EastCiders. There will be llive and Interactive Art installation and Photo Op’ with Chris Tobar Rodriguez.

Join us for a dance party in the secret garden, where you will be transported with sounds from around the globe.  Swaylo Nights + Marcel’s Music will deiver you the most uplifting melodies to make you feel your best. There will be interactive experiences at every corner including Reiki, Tarot Reading, Local Treasures, Suculants, and a Mezcal and Tarot tent with GEM&BOLT tastings. Indulge your senses — expand your world –- and tune into an authentic perspective of art, fashion, dance, and expression. Our garden party will bring attention to how we can regenerate our community. The evening will not only leave you feeling good, but doing good – Joint us. It will be a day to remember a day full of light!

Schedule of Events:

4:30 Enter the Garden

5-6pm meditation + Yoga w/ Lizzie

6-7 dream circle w/ Giaoconda

7-10:30 Dance party with Swayló + Marcel


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