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Russell Collection – Hunt Slonem: the lightness of being

October 6 - October 7 — Austin

World-renowned American Artist Hunt Slonem is proud to present his latest exhibition, “the lightness of being” on exhibition and available for acquisition at the venerable Russell Collection Galleries in Austin and Lakeway, Texas October 3 through October 31. Slonem, considered one of the greatest neo-expressionist colorists of our time, will make special in-gallery appearances Friday and Saturday, October 6 from 6-8pm at Russell Art in Lakeway (1516 RR 620, Suite 120) and October 7 from 6-8pm at Russell Collection in Austin (1137 West 6th Street). Slonem has had over 300 one-man shows in galleries and museums internationally. His work is also in the permanent collections of 250 museums including the Guggenheim, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney, and the Miro Foundation. Hunt Slonem: the lightness of being will feature a highly-curated compilation of the Artists’ most well-known works. RSVPs requested: 512-478-4440 or [email protected]. Visit www.russell-collection.com for more info.


Come experience in-gallery appearances from Hunt Slonem Oct. 6 at Russell Art in Lakeway and Oct. 7 at Russell Collection in Austin!