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Ruthless Good

April 7, 2018 — Austin, TX

If you like doing good with a side of fun competition, join United Way for Greater Austin’s Ruthless Good Scavenger Hunt! Ruthless Good is not your ordinary fundraiser. Create a team with your friends and family, then work and play together to solve clues and trivia, discover unique Austin locations and capture photos of the fun. The sooner you register, the sooner you can start earning points for your team and get a leg up on the competition! Don’t miss the chance to be Ruthlessly Good! Join us at the Long Center at 9:00 AM and we’ll kick off the hunt at 10:00AM. Ruthless Good is for everyone who’s game for competitive fun that helps UWATX improve lives by bringing people, ideas and resources together to fight poverty in our community. All ages are welcome! Register at www.RuthlessGood.org

Join us at 9 a.m. on April 7th!