Special Exhibition: Stories of Survival: Object. Image. Memory.

September 18 - January 31 — Dallas, TX

Death is knocking at the door. If you leave now, you might stand a chance. You must carefully choose which items to pack. What will you take with you? What will you leave behind?

In the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum’s inaugural special exhibition, Stories of Survival: Object. Image. Memory., find out what Survivors of global conflicts brought with them on their harrowing journeys to freedom. This highly intimate exhibition showcases the work of award-winning photographer Jim Lommasson and his photographic prints of over 60 salvaged items brought to America from Armenia, Bosnia, Cambodia, Iraq, Rwanda, South Sudan, Syria, and the Holocaust.

Stories of Survival: Object. Image. Memory. has been published in conjunction with an exhibition organized by the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center and is a joint project of the Illinois Holocaust Museum and photographer Jim Lommasson.


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