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Summer Live Series Concert 3

August 17, 2017 — Austin, TX


Even better; cold beer, free tunes and being apart of benefiting your community all at the same time. That beautiful confluence of activities is occurring once again for the third and final concert of the Bud Light’s Summer LIVE Series at the parking lot of the Austin American-Statesman. The last of these three concerts features Alternative-Country artist Houndmouth with special guest Band of Heathens on Thursday, August 17. What makes this concert series unique is the partnership with a local music-related charity chosen by the headlining artist for all the proceeds to go to. Houndmouth has selected the Austin Creative Alliance as their local charity of choice.

How can I get free tickets you may ask?

It’s actually pretty easy. Visit http://summerliveseries.com to register and you’ll be well on your way to drinking beer and watching free live music in at the Austin American-Statesman. As Bud Light themselves put it, “Friendships are made in the front row.” So, register for free tickets to the Bud Light Summer LIVE Series and start making memories that’ll last a lifetime. The Summer Live Series was specifically created for the Austin friendships formed over Bud Lights. The Bud Light Summer LIVE Series is a free, three-part concert event created specifically for locals in Austin. Tell your friends, grab some beer, and enjoy your ticket to the time of your lives!

More information: