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The Women of Ro2

March 3, 2018 — Dallas, TX

Ro2 Art is pleased to present The Women of Ro2, an exciting group show featuring new work by 25+ female artists represented by the gallery. There will be an opening reception at the Ro2 Art Downtown Pop-Up (1508 Commerce St.) on Saturday, March 3 from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, with the show running through April 7, 2018. Many of the artists will be in attendance at the opening reception.

Exhibiting Artists:

Allison Belliveau-Proulx, Gillian Bradshaw-Smith, Camilla Cowan, Catherine Cornelius, Georganne Deen, Cuyler Etheredge, Nancy Ferro, Cheryl Finfrock, Danielle Georgiou, Linda Dee Guy, Niki Havekost, Barbara Horlander, Sonali Khatti, Bumin Kim, Anita Kunz, Yuni Lee, Julie Libersat, Xiao Lu Liu, Jeanne Neal, Hayley Quentin, Robin Ragin, Fari Rahimi, Kathy Robinson-Hays, Patricia Rodriguez, Dee Shapiro, Erica Stephens, Carroll Swenson-Roberts, Marilyn Waligore, Peggy Wauters

Join us at 7 p.m. on March 3rd!