Thinkery21: SuperPowers

April 4, 2019 — Austin, TX

Each evening explores a different topic, but all include a cash bar, special activities, and delicious nibbles from local food trucks. Enjoy live performances by local artists and musicians, dive into a topic with inventive scientists, and explore cutting-edge technology with programmers and designers. Thinkery21 is for adults 21+ only.

Mutant, Mystic, or Mad Scientist—you’re invited to assemble for an evening of fun, festive cocktails and fantastic costumes (if you’re so inclined). Join us Thursday, April 4 for Thinkery21: Superpowers!

Learn the more science, less fiction-y ways in which people can exhibit super strength, telepathy, shape-shifting and all the superpowers you’ve always wished you had. You may even surprise yourself as you become your own superhero!

Tickets are on sale now, so get yours today!


Superhero Trivia – Think you know your superheroes? Well put your knowledge to the test with Alamo Drafthouse and see if you’ve got what it takes to save the day!

Super Awesome Sounds – Texas Professional DJ will be spinning tunes.

Holy Movie Premier, Batman! – Austin History Center presents images of the 1966 world premiere of the first full-length Batman movie starring Adam West at Austin’s Paramount Theater.

Alter Egos Costume Contest – Come dressed as your superhero or supervillain alter ego and may the most super prevail.

Kryptonite Colors – Test the limits of your cognition with a challenge that has the potential to leave you feeling powerless.

Activate Your Amygdala- Learn the secrets to a superhuman level pain threshold through mind control.

Superhero Swag – Unleash your inner superhero and design a patch to let the world know your superpowers! Austin Creative Reuse will provide the supplies, you bring the inspiration.

Taking Flight – With balance, trust, a little physiology and physics know-how, Empowered Acro will show you how to enjoy some air time.

Covergirls (and boys!) – Our green screen photobooth puts you on the front of an old school comic book! POW!

Supreme Sustenance – Fuel up with the fresh flavors and super ingredients from Aroi Thai.

DIY Cosplay – Didn’t bring a full costume? You can still channel your inner superhero by making your own power cuffs and masks with this fun sewing activity.

Brain Plasticity – Explore the flexibility and adaptability of our brains with the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Lab at UT Austin, and learn how our brains can rewire themselves.

Believe It Or Not! What living oddity can survive extreme temperatures, radiation, starvation and more? Visit Micro Eye to meet the strongest animal on earth!

The Incredible Predator – Think your knowledge about local Austin predators is enough to keep you alive? Find out with the Capital Area Master Naturalists.

Power-fusions – Check out what super samples Tito’s has in store!

Super (feats of) Strength – Learn how simple machines can turn your weak human muscles into powerful lifting tools.

We Can Be Heroes – How do you make the world a better place? Explore your personal mission statement with local heroes CASA of Travis County and learn about the CASA Superhero Run!

Science of Super – Demystify the science behind superpowers and discover real life super materials with UT Chemistry.



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