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Texas Music: The Untold Stories

CANCELED — Official 2020 SXSW music event that was planned to feature beloved Texas musicians onstage telling intimate, never-before-heard stories interwoven with music at ACL Live.

As result of the cancellation of the 2020 SXSW festival because of potential health threats posed by COVID-19, our scheduled official SXSW music event Texas Music: The Untold Stories has also been canceled. We are hard at work devising a virtual option for enjoying the magic of these artists and their stories. Bookmark  for updates and check back on March 17 for the stories—and then stay tuned for updates on new ways to experience these incredible stories along with the musicians, and music, behind them.

Over the past 47 years, Texas Monthly has told some of the greatest stories of Texas music within its pages—whether the subject is Willie Nelson or Bun B, Erykah Badu or La MafiaTexas Monthly has been compelled to tell these stories because we love the music behind them, but also because they tell us so much about us. We’re passionate about our state and we’re passionate about our music. The truth is: we are what we listen to, what we sing to our kids, what we play on our back porches and in our cars. To pay tribute to these stories and bring some of them to life, Texas Monthly partnered with SXSW to produce its latest show as an official SXSW music event. Before its cancellation, Texas Music: The Untold Stories was planned to debut onstage at the iconic ACL Live at The Moody Theater on March 17, 2020.

The show was planned to feature Texas musicians from all over the state telling personal stories interwoven with music—from genres like hip-hop, cumbia, folk, soul, rock and roll, mariachi, EDM, and boogie woogie. The revelatory stories included coming-of-age stories, mortality stories, evolutionary stories—stories told to a beat, a riff, a chorus. Some of them have never been told. Some have never been told in this particular way, the way they were meant to be told: with music.


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