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Wine and Food Week: The Woodlands

June 5 - June 11 — Woodlands, TX

Wine & Food Week is an all-inclusive, multi-day, multi-faceted, culinary and wine extravaganza perfect for the beginner to the serious wine collector, drawing avid foodies and wine and craft beer enthusiasts from across the region to The Woodlands this June. Now in its 13th year, Wine & Food Week will host 75 chefs, hundreds of talented winery representatives, scores of featured restaurants and thousands of patrons who eat, drink, taste, mingle, learn, indulge and give back, all while enjoying some of the best food and more than 500 wines from across the globe. For additional information on the variety of events, please visit http://www.wineandfoodweek.com/events !

Experience wine and food from every part of the globe, right in your backyard during Wine & Food Week.

More details: