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February 2013 Contest

From 1974 to 1978, Texas Monthly ran a contest on the back page asking readers to take part in various word games. We’ve recently revived the contest, using some of the original questions that ran in these pages in the seventies. This month’s challenge comes from April 1977: Contestants should submit titles of movies that appropriately could have staged premieres in Texas cities and towns (e.g. Animal Crackers, in Graham, or Our Man in Havana, in Castroville). 

2013 First-Prize Winner:

Othello, in Desdemona
Shannon Tompkins

2013 Runner-up:

The Miracle Worker, Keller
Don Smelser
El Paso

1977 Winner:

Double Feature: The Big Knife and Winchester 73, Cut and Shoot
Gloria Jansa

1977 Runners-up

Deep Throat, Megargel
Bob Griffin and David Kalplan

A Big Hand for the Little Lady, Tenaha, Jacksboro, Queen City, Kingsland, and Ace
Jimmie McKinley, Longview