Fishin’ Across Texas

Video by Nick Simonite

We’re calling it: Texas has the best fishing in the United States.

Alaska and Florida are right up there. California is too, we guess. But what many Texans may not appreciate—even those of us who grew up casting lines—is the impressive diversity of fishing in the Lone Star State. Most of us tend to focus on a particular pursuit. Maybe it’s red snapper in the Gulf or bull reds in the Texas bays, if not trophy bass in big reservoirs or fly-fishing on Hill Country streams.

Take a step back, however, and you’ll see that Texas has a lifetime of options for fishing adventures. It’s a kind of paradise for anglers of any age, inclination, or experience level. You just need to know where to cast. Let’s go fishin’.

The Great Texas Fishing Safari

Texas offers some of the most-diverse fishing in the country—from stalking monster sharks on Padre Island to fly-fishing from a kayak on the remote Pecos River. And for three months, I got to try it all.

lower pecos river

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