The restaurant’s sign—a giant white “7” set against a marine-blue background—is —an enigma. But here’s a hint: Think “seven seas.” Located in a small, unfussy space —on South Congress, 7 brings Austin diners a daily-changing menu of pristine sea creatures from around the world. The storefront, formerly occupied by Lambert’s, has been redone in blue and green with crisp white trim. If you’re intimidated by corvina, bluenose warhou, or Lake Okeechobee frogs’ legs, you can stick with halibut, scallops, and ahi tuna. On my first plunge, I tried the mid-Atlantic crab-and-cod cakes with an herbed remoulade—perfectly fried and a great bargain at $9 for two. Royal red shrimp bisque, made from crustaceans found in deep Atlantic waters and lightened with a splash of crème fraîche, was divine. One or both of the restaurant’s two chef-owners—Sam Dickey, of the Granite Café, and Will Packwood, of the late, lamented Emilia’s—are usually on hand, cooking, chatting with customers, and telling fish stories.