Apple-Raisin Spice Cake, Cajeta Flan,  Lace Cookie Cup With Rasberries, and Cinnamon Cactus Cookies.

As the chef and a part owner of Dallas’ Routh Street Cafe and Baby Routh and two Minneapolis restaurants, the high-profile, oft-honored Stephan Pyles spends his days going from kitchen to kitchen to kitchen to office. Routh Street Cafe recently celebrated its fifth anniversary with renovations to the interior (pink and white remain the signature colors), five festive nights with dinners prepared by top-ranked chefs, and this triple-treat dessert, further proof of Pyles’s skill as pastry chef as well as chef de cuisine. “Caramel is fall and winter to me – caramel apples, the caramelized sugar in fruit pies,” he says. “I wanted to do something sophisticated and innovative in pastry and still Southwestern.”

Routh Street Cafe, 3005 Routh, Dallas (214) 817-7161
Baby Routh, 2708 Routh, Dallas (214) 871-2345

Apple-Raisin Spice Cake Recipe
Cajeta Flan Recipe
Lace Cookie Cup With Raspberries Recipe
Cinnamon Cactus Cookies Recipe

A Grande Finale,” originally featured in Domain, Winter 1988