Suzanne Makin, the creative genius behind this dessert, is the executive pastry chef for Dallas’ trendsetting restaurants San Simeon and Sfuzzi. The desserts that come out of her Petaluma bakery are not mere duties to be fulfilled at the end of a meal but sumptuous payoffs to the diligent gourmand. Makin is an expert at the intricacies of crusts and doughs and her unique combinations of flavors make for exciting recipes: the White Satin Raspberry Tart, deep, extravagant, and yet unaffected, is proof enough. “The reward for this,” Makin says, “is people saying, ‘I’ve eaten all over the world, and I’ve never had dessert this good.’”

Petaluma Bakery, 2515 McKinney (214) 871-2253

White Satin Raspberry Tart—Recipe