Pastor a la Vegetariana, El Quinto Sol

Type: Specialty
Rating: 4
Price: $6.99/plate
Mexican restaurants do not usually cater to vegetarians and vegans; El Quinto Sol is a happy exception. Corn tortillas enfold wheat-gluten “meat” spiked with a spicy adobo, pineapple, and gooey mozzarella, topped with the classic onion, cilantro, and lime. Even carnivores will be impressed. 2330 Jacaman Rd, 956-795-1452. Daily 7–10:30.

Papas con Huevo, Fonda Don Martin

Type: Breakfast
Rating: 4
Price: $2.49
Grab morning by the huevos! Potatoes and fluffy eggs, speckled with bits of fresh jalapeño and tomato, are scrambled in butter, then snuggled into comal-grilled flour tortillas made in-house. Few wake-up calls are as welcome. 9652 McPherson Ave, 956-723-7778. Daily 7–3.

Guisado, Obregon’s Mexican No. 2

Type: Classic Mexican
Rating: 4.25
Price: $2.79
The grill at this former gas station is huge, all the better to cook up the impressively thick tortillas. What to fill them with? Beef guisado marbled with onions and fragrant with cumin. Add a jolt of the fiery chile de árbol salsa. 303 Market, 956-462-5298. Daily 6–8.

Bean and Bacon, Tlaquepaque

Type: Breakfast
Rating: 4.75
Price: $3.75
Here, amid Formica-topped tables, you’ll face the ultimate temptation: the tacos are the size of burritos (an impressive 10.5 inches in length), and the refried beans and crisp bacon inside the blessedly billowy tortilla will lead you to commit the sin of gluttony. You can always repent later—or not. 115 Hillside Rd, 956-726-6173. Daily 7–3.