Veteran fryer Christi Erpillo plans to deep fry Girl Scout cookies at the State Fair of Texas this year to mark the organization’s 100th anniversary.

Eric Aasen reported about her plans in the Dallas Morning News. Erpillo, a former Girl Scout herself, figured out “a way to successfully sink the Samoa into a vat of fat.”

But don’t get your hearts up for a heartstopping Thin Mint. Apparently, it’s impossible to fry the organization’s top selling cookie. “The bakery that makes Girl Scout cookies said that the Thin Mint’s peppermint oil would separate in the fryer, said Colleen Walker, chief executive officer of the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas,” Aasen wrote.

Here are ten other unlikely items that have been deep-fried at the State Fair:

1. Deep-Fried Peaches & Cream
2. Deep-Fried Bubblegum
3. Deep-Fried Salsa
4. Deep-Fried Biscuits and Gravy
5. Deep-Fried Beer
6. Deep-Fried Bread Pudding
7. Deep-Fried Latte
8. Deep-Fried Butter
9. Deep-Fried Frozen Margarita
10. Deep Fried Texas Caviar

Hungry yet? Revisit Katy Vine’s 2010 profile of Abel Gonzales Jr., the “high priest of frying at the State Fair of Texas,” in TEXAS MONTHLY.