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First Look: Tim Love Opens His First Italian Restaurant, Gemelle

Chef and restaurateur Tim Love—best known for brawny Texas flavors at his eateries, which include Lonesome Dove, in Forth Worth and Austin—has gone rogue: he’s opened an Italian restaurant in Fort Worth. But because the Denton native has a reputation to uphold, the menu is sprinkled with Texas touches: venison porchetta, chile-rubbed lamb chops, jalapeño basil pesto, and brisket pizza. The indoor-outdoor venue, which began service this week, sits across the Trinity River in a small building that most recently housed a couple of short-lived joints, Thurber Mingus and Froggy’s. Completely refurbished, the site now houses Gemelle, which seats eighty inside and out and features bocce courts, a small stage, and a long table where kitchen workers make pasta in real time. There’s also an emerald-green lawn (made of artificial turf) and extensive vegetable gardens (those are real). The restaurant’s name means twins in Italian, but it doesn’t refer to the well-known pasta (that’s gemelli). Instead the reference is to Anna and Ella, the sixteen-year-old twin daughters of Tim and his wife, Emilie. The teens will be helping out as hostesses as often as they can. Gemelle4400 White Settlement Rd, Fort Worth, 817-732-9535. Lunch Fri–Sun; dinner 7 days.  

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