Austin siblings Maribel and Carlos Rivero are bringing their take on Peruvian food to the capital city. Maribel, a chef, intended to go South America and learn all about its myriad culinary traditions for a year and ended up staying for three years. Restauranteur Carlos is a veteran of the local food scene, with El Chile restaurant and the El Chilito taco stands under his belt. At Yuyo, their new place opening on October 30, they Riveros figure that Peruvian ceviches, corn nuts, and crispy plantain chips will be a slam dunk; that grilled beef heart on a skewer will go over if people just loosen up and try it once; and that guinea pig won’t fly even after a round or two of pisco sours. Still, they might introduce it in a year or two, if they can find a source. (In case you’re wondering, it tastes like rabbit.)

Here’s a first look inside the colorful Yuyo.