As far as Texas Monthly is concerned, Frito Pie is best served in the bag. But that’s not really an option when your serving size is 1,325 pounds.

Monday, Frito-Lay and the State Fair of Texas teamed up to celebrate the eightieth anniversary of Fritos by creating the world’s largest Frito Pie—or “Fritos Chili Pie,” if you insist on using the Plano corporation’s preferred nomenclature. 

The accomplishment was verified by a Guinness Book of World Records official.

As Scott Reitz of the Dallas Observer reported last month, said official was Michael Empric, “an adjudicator who helps determine what constitutes an initial record and whether an existing record has been broken.”

There was no existing record for World’s Largest Frito Pie Fritos Chili Pie, so Empric recommended that it be 1,200 pounds, based, Reitz wrote, “on previous food records like largest taco (1,654 pounds) and largest hamburger patty (6,040 pounds).”

As Reitz wrote on Monday, “The 1,200-pound goal was obliterated by an extra 125 pounds of sodium and cholesterol.”

According to the Frito-Lay press release, the concoction required “635 bags of Fritos chips (10 1/2 ounces each), 660 cans of Hormel® Chili without Beans (15 ounces each) and 580 bags of shredded cheddar cheese (8 ounces each).” 

We can’t decide if it’s extravagantly awesome or unbelievably wasteful that they choose to open up 635 bags of Fritos, instead of trucking in a pallet from the factory. 

Also, we are feeling pretty bad for Wolf Brand Chili

The record-setting pie yielded approximately “5,000 single-serve samples,” meaning that the Fair’s attendees still had room to try out something deep-fried. Because let’s face it: 1,325 pounds of Frito Pie should not serve more than 2,650 people.

“I can’t say that the State Fair’s mega-concoction looks particularly appealing,” wrote Bruce Tomaso of the Dallas Morning News. “I don’t know. Maybe it’s the trough.”

It’s true. You still kind of need the bag. And the Fritos aren’t supposed to be on top.