Texas Monthly is no stranger to controversial topics—and our Facebook followers have no fear (and sometimes no filter) when sharing their opinion on our articles. Our commentators love to spar over everything from Colin Kaepernick to Whataburger vs. In-n-Out, but when we published “In Defense of Just Eating Your Dang Thanksgiving Dinner at Luby’s,” we expected our readers would be fairly divided on a cafeteria-style Thanksgiving. For a holiday that is so centered around family, home-cooked meals, and football, positing that you should throw tradition to the wind and chow down on Luby’s $11.49 Thanksgiving special seemed like it would spark some division.

But lo, it was a Thanksgiving miracle: the response was almost universal agreement. Texans from across the state—and a few Texpats—chimed in with heartwarming stories of Thanksgiving at Luby’s. In the spirit of the holiday, we’ve collected our favorite responses from Facebook followers.

  • Luby’s lunch is something native Texans grew up with in the 1980s. I’ve had so many people talk snobbish about going to eat at “a place for old people” and I always defend it. I love it every once in awhile. —Christopher Joseph
  • Maybe the best Turkey Day ever at Luby’s on Oltorf 1998. No stress, no mess, no leftovers, no awkward family conversations. —Brent Atkins
  • I remember countless thanksgivings where Granny was like, “we are going to Luby’s”. It is a fine TX establishment. —Justin Gershanov
  • I’m the chick they’re talking about at the beginning of the article. I love cooking Thanksgiving dinner! Tomorrow, my newly minted 10 year old & I will be spending the day baking deserts & prepping the bird! Love Luby’s though. —Christina Thompson Rankin
  • The week of my dad’s funeral we had Thanksgiving at Luby’s. —Lynn Roberts Grice
  • My husband and I moved back to Texas after a long absence. We arrived and unloaded our truck on Thanksgiving Day. Now what? Luby’s to the rescue. I don’t know whether or not it is as good as then, but I certainly was thankful for it. —Dana Duncan Shuster
  • Another Luby’s thanksgiving story: we took two families of Katrina evacuees from tbrir [sic] to the local DMV to get their licenses replaced, etc. Afterwards we took them to Luby’s for lunch. It was the only place I could think of where I could afford to feed a horde of people and get everyone sonething [sic] they liked. I was surprised to discover that it was their first hot meal since the hurricane, and that the news coverage on the Luby’s TV set was the first they had seen of what had happened to their city. Luby’s was a comfort to them during the worst time in their lives. For that I am thankful. —Dana Duncan Shuster
  • When we visited relatives in Beaumont we would go to Luby’s. For a young, struggling family it was a treat. My eyes exploded walking thru the line! —Raney Self
  • My mom had open heart surgery mid-Nov 2015 and was still in hospital for Thanksgiving. 15 Luby’s turkey dinners to go and all of us piled in her room was great! Perfect example of a reminder of what really mattered. Family was together and mom was on her way to recovery! I would do Luby’s again any year- not having to cook all night/day and clean for hours after!! Yes please!! —Maricella Cano
  • Luby’s is our usual. This year everyone’s coming here to Chaos Manor – I may end up missing Luby’s. —Leigh Williams
  • I would kill to eat at Luby’s. God Bless Texas. —Kelly Garcia
  • I miss Luby’s the food was always great. Dad would take us there on Sunday’s sometimes to give mom a break from cooking. Great memories. —Timothy Hayes
  • Been there, done that! And if I was still in TX, I’d do it again! —Olivia Aguilar
  • Go home Texas Monthly, you’re drunk. —Daryl Adams

(Not yet, Daryl—but we wouldn’t mind one of these cocktails to get you through Thanksgiving.)