Orange-Glazed Muffin

With a hint or two, you might guess that these decadent orange muffins are made with sour cream. But would you ever imagine that the secret ingredient is olive oil? The flavor doesn’t intrude, it just adds a subtle richness. Recipe from Cipollina, Austin.

Smoked-Salmon Omelet with Capers

As long as you’re going to the trouble of making an omelet, you might as well pull out all the stops and make this one, with smoked salmon, dabs of cream cheese, fresh dill, and salty little capers. Recipe from benjy’s, Houston.

Chocolate-Chunk Pancakes

Pain au chocolat—“bread with chocolate”— is a classic French breakfast dish. By translating the bread into buttery pancakes, Ruggles has made the combination thoroughly American. Recipe from Ruggles, Houston.