This article originally appeared in the September 2017 issue of Texas Monthly with the headline “Editor’s Letter”

Where should I eat? It’s a question you probably ask yourself a few times a week, and for 44 years Texas Monthly has endeavored to offer useful answers by way of our Dining Guide, which directs readers to the best restaurants across Texas, in towns large and small.

Beginning with this issue, we have revamped the Dining Guide, giving it a more prominent location in the magazine and pairing it with executive editor Patricia Sharpe’s monthly restaurant review. The other major change is that we’ve pared down the listings, so they can be more efficiently perused at a glance. And we’ll change out the Best in Town listings more frequently, so that the same venues don’t show up month after month.

For the full reviews of these restaurants and many others—more than we’ve ever been able to fit into the magazine—our website is the place to go. We are doing some remodeling there as well, adding more photos and vastly improving our search function. We’ve also rejiggered our star rating system, moving from a three-star system to a five-star system. The intent with all of this is to match our listings to the strengths of two very different media: the magazine, where we’re trying to curate a vast dining scene, and the web, where we have the room to be comprehensive. 

But wait, there’s more. We’re deciding whether to print a stand-alone Dining Guide that we would send to our subscribers every year—a thirteenth issue, essentially. We’re also weighing the prospect of a dining app for mobile devices that would make it easy for people to look up great places to eat when they’re traveling across the state. If you’re a subscriber, in the coming weeks you may receive a survey from us asking for your opinion about those two possibilities. But you don’t need to wait if you want to weigh in. You can always reach us at [email protected].

As ever, our goal is to offer you expert dining advice, whether you’re sitting in your car or on your couch. Where should I eat?  We’ve got that covered.