“Retro is hot now,” says chef Guy Carnathan, the owner of two Port Aransas restaurants, Beulah’s and the Other Guy’s Seafood Cafe (at 200 and 106 E. Cotter, respectively). Although his reputation rests on the cutting-edge dishes he creates for the former, his down-home fare at the latter has an equally ardent following. “For the past several months at the Other Guy’s, I’ve been making nostalgia food like pot roast,” he says. Simmered in red wine with tomatoes and plenty of onion and garlic, the dish has old-world authenticity. But the best part may well be its garnish—a traditional Italian lemon-zest-and-parsley topping called gremolata. You’ll wonder how you ever cooked without it.

Try this recipe for Italian Pot Roast With Gremolata from the Other Guy’s Seafood Cafe, Port Aransas.