As the orange is to America, so the mango is to Mexico. Thus it is fitting, if not inevitable, that mango margaritas have become a summertime staple at Teala’s in Houston (3210 W. Dallas), a Mexican restaurant with a Thai twist. Bangkok-born owner Teal Anomaiprasert got the idea while on a culinary reconnaissance trip to the Yucatán, where she discovered that Mexican and Thai cooking have more than a little in common: “Both countries use lots of fresh lime, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and hot, hot peppers.” And, of course, mangoes. Teala’s tomatoey salsa and pico de gallo-spiked black bean dip are lively complements to the cooling cocktails.

Recipes from Teala’s, Houston
Black Bean Dip
Mango Margaritas