From Austin’s new Coyote Cafe (612 W. Sixth) comes the classiest club sandwich you’llever eat, and quite possibly the best. Offered as an occasional special at the Texas spin-off of Santa Fe’s original Coyote Cafe, the sandwich makes some key substitutions: Chile-seasoned grilled swordfish stands in for boring old turkey, arugula takes the place of iceberg lettuce, and crisply fried applewood-smoked bacon replaces the listless everyday stuff. But what sets this club above all others is a pair of dynamite condiments: a smoky-sweet tomato relish and a creamy avocado salsa spiked with serranos. Spicy french fries and sweet, crunchy summer pickles make ideal accompaniments.

Unlike the usual club sandwich, which is tradionally made with cold sliced turkey or chicken, this sandwich is best served barely warm or at room temperature.

Try this recipe for Grilled Swordfish Club Sandwich from Coyote Cafe, Austin.